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Hand Made Sculptures by W Forrest

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About the site and the metal sculpures by the artist W Forrest

I first started making metal sculptures at the start of 2016. My sculptures can take about 4 to 24 weeks or more to complete depending on the complexity. Sculptures are priced individually at the time of order and run from £250 to £9000 depending on complexity. All are galvanized.

All my metal sculptures are handmade and every single piece has to be hand shaped and welded before being connected or welded to other pieces or sections of the sculpture. This takes a lot of welding and time.
It can take some time to construct a sculpture, especially if it has a high number of smaller components like flowers or leaves. I use brand new steel for my sculptures as it can be galvanized on completion, this protects it from rusting and helps them last for more than 100 years. When galvanized it come out shiny but over time it will become a dark grey colour as the zinc coating oxidises.They can be galvanized again at a later time if required.

The pages on this site have photos of individual sculpures. Each page will have one or more sculpures. I will add more pages and photos at a later time or amend some pages as a new sculpure is completed.

All the images on the site when, clicked will open

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__________________________________Dragon and Wall Sculptures__________________________________

All the pages have Hand Built Individual Sculptures

Page 1 Cat and Outside Light Metal Sculptures
Page 2 Outside Fairy Tree Light Metal Sculpture
Page 3 Dragon Metal Sculpture
Page 4 Bird Feeders and small Flower Metal Sculptures
Page 5 Metal Christmas Sculptures

Page 6 Clyed Puffer and Cartoon Character Light Metal Sculptures
Page 7 Chicken,Wind Metal Sculptures & Gates
Page 8 Tree Metal Sculpture
Page 9 Metal Wall Plaque Sculptures
Page 10 To come Metal Wall Plaque Sculptures

Page 11 Other Welded Metal, Workbenches


Here are some photos from our highlandpottery website. More on the Info Page

Small thistle jug , Tile Panel, Dipping/relish dish

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